Dysfunctional Meeting Bingo!

January 14, 2008 at 2:53 pm Leave a comment


Don’t let boring, endless and unnecessary meetings get you down. Here’s a little game you and a friend can play that turns meetings into instant fun – the crappier the meeting the better!

How to Play:

Simply print this bingo card or create your own. As you sit in the meeting, subtly fill in each square when the corresponding event happens. If more than 5 people check their blackberries, CHECK! When Fred who’s always 15 minutes late shows up, CHECK! When someone asks, “What’s the Action Item here?” CHECK! Once you fill in 5 squares across, down or vertically, refrain from shouting BINGO! aloud, although you will be sorely tempted. Instead discretely text, IM, email, or pass a note to your playing partner saying BINGO! Lunch is now on them.

For all-day retreats, go for blackout bingo. This may be the only thing that keeps you sane.

What would your bingo squares say? Feel free to comment below.

Bonus Fun Holiday Idea: Use the blank bingo card to create your own Dysfunctional Family Bingo game. Play with friends (call them when you have bingo), siblings, or anyone who could use a little levity when visiting family during the holidays.

Credit to Martha Beck for this brilliant idea!


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